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  Grußbotschaft vom Jericho Movement und politischen Gefangenen in den USA
Anlässlich der bundesweiten Demo am 5.2.2000 in Berlin

We would like to send our warmest revolutionary greetings and solidarity to you all on behalf of The Jericho Movement and all political prisoners and prisoners of war confined within the prison system of the United States.

From Marily Buck, North American Anti-Imperialist political prisoner to Dr. Mutulu Shakur of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, from Leonard Peltier of the American Indian Movement to Oscar Lopez-Rivera of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, from Herman Bell of the Black Liberation Movement to Larry Giddings, Anti-Authoritarian Political Prisoner, all of the political prisoners throw their support firmly behind the call for a new trial and freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal and the end to the death penalty.

Most of the political prisoners jailed in the United States have been in prison over 15 years, some over 30 years, sometimes under desperate and deplorable conditions. One of the political prisoners, Albert Nuh Washington, has cancer of the liver and has only a few months more to live, but despite this they/we are firmly believe that the case of Mumia Abu Jamal is a pivotal case in the struggle for freedom that is going on inside the United States and around the world.

The forces of repression has taken a stand to execute Mumia Abu Jamal despite the fact that there is overwhelming evidence of his innocence. They do this because they want to destroy the people's will to struggle and think that by executing Mumia that we will stop, but they're wrong. They're wrong on two counts:

  1. We will not allow them to execute Mumia Abu Jamal and stop the death penalty
  2. We will continue to fight until victory is assured.

    On behalf of the Jericho Movement and all US held political prisoners, we say: "All Power to the People" and Free Mumia and All Political Prisoners.

    Safiya Bukhari, former Political Prisoner and Co-coordinator The Jericho Movement

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