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  Hungerstrike on death row, SCI Greene
Call for Help from Hungerstriker Craig Williams on death row in Waynesburg, PA

To whom it may concern:

We capital cases at SCI Greene stand 45 strong on a hunger strike that has been going on since 8/24/00. We are prepared to go out of here in body bags unless they force-feed us to stay alive. We are on strike to disclose the punitive policies here when we broke no rule or regulations. We are forced under "hole" status when we don't have a misconduct. The restrictive policy that we are under is for inmates who break the rules. We seek your assistance by flooding the Governor's office, Secretary Horn's office with phone calls or faxes requesting that they meet with us to resolve this issue.

We demand our own policy for capital cases so we won't be harassed and oppressed by the prison administration. We request total access to our property, to be placed in our cell. We request one legal phone call per week. We request disposable inserts for our food trays so we won't be forced to eat off the surface of those filthy dirty trays. . We request prompt, adequate, effective medical treatment. We request more than 15 minutes to talk to our lawyers. We request all our legal property on our legal visit when our attorney comes to see us. We do not need prior approval when the guard can search our property before we take it out. We seek the removal of Major Hussette; Unit Manager Keith Warman; Sgt. Haywood; C.O. 1 Melmsky; and C.O. 1 Matthews. These are the individuals who led us to hunger-strike. We request help by calling, writing, faxing, or emailing the following:

Gov. Tom Ridge,
225 Main Capitol Bldg.,
Harrisburg, PA 17120;
Dept. of Corrections Secretary
Martin F. Horn,
P.O. Box 598,
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598,
(717) 975-4860;
Senator Shirley Kitchen,
Senate Box 203003,
Main Capitol Bldg,
Harrisburg, PA 17120;
House of Representatives
Hon. Harold James
office, 1423 Point Breeze Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA 19146;
Jere Krakuff, Esq.,
1705 Allegheny Bldg.,
424 Forbes Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219,
(412) 232-0276;
Ernest D. Preate, Jr., Esq.,
507 Linden Street,
Suite 600,
Scranton, PA 18503,

Please print this letter in your newsletter, Internet, and TV access. Thanks for your help in advance.

-- Craig Williams, BX-9919, 175 Progress Drive, Waynesburg, PA 15370

Doret Kollerer, North Coast Xpress
Email: Doret Kollerer <doretk@sonic.net>
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