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mumia2000.org informs about april 24th in the US [EN-ES]

Please circulate widely : see  www.mumia2000.org for details To endorse: email icffmaj@aol.com

April 24th, 2004 is Mumia's 50th birthday, and we need to show the powers that be that we have not forgotten our freedom fighter incarcerated behind government lines.
April 24th is also the release date of Mumia's fifth book, "A Life In The Party: The Story of the Black Panthers.
The acclaimed play "A Love Song for Mumia" from Howard University will also be showing at the Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia on April 23rd.

This is a weekend not to me missed! Please do not let these historic actions pass without the support of your group or organization.

The April 24th Coalition for Mumia Abu-Jamal needs the support of YOUR organization, political group, union, campus group, music crew, magazine or business in the form of an endorsement of the planned April 24, 2004 demonstration and resistance activities for Mumia in Philadelphia.

Please lend your support by approaching your group today about endorsing April 24th.

Please e-mail icffmaj@aol.com with your endorsment.

April 24th Endorsers in Formation:
1199ers for Peace & Justice;
Afrikan Frontline Network, Wilmington, DE
All Peoples Congress, Baltimore, MD
Amina Baraka;
Arise for Social Justice, Springfield, MA
Asha Bandele, Writer, New York City
Asians for Mumia;
AWOL Magazine, Philadelphia, PA;
Black August Organizing Committee;
Boots Riley, Performer, (Hip Hop group The Coup), Oakland, CA
Brenda Stokely;
Communist Workers Party;
Critical Resistance NY;
David Wong Support Committee;
December 12th Movement;
Elombe Brath;
The Free Mumia Coalition of Albany, NY
Insubordination Magazine Philadelphia, PA;
International A.N.S.W.E.R
International Action Center;
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia
Abu-Jamal, Norfolk, VA
Irish Republican Socialist Committee of North America
The Jericho Movement New York City;
Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal;
Latinas & Latinos for Mumia;
Leslie Feinberg, Co-founder of Rainbow Flags for Mumia;
Malcolm X Commemoration Ctte.;
M'Backe House of Hope, Wilmington, DE;
Millions for Mumia/The International Action Center
Mothers Organized for the MOVE 9 and Mumia,
Philadelphia, PA;
The MOVE Organization, Philadelphia, PA
Movement in Motion, arts and activist collective, NYC
National Jericho Movement
The National Peoples Campaign, Phil, PA
N'diga Coffee and Books, Chicago, IL
The New York Free Mumia Coalition
New York City Jericho Movement
Patrice Lumumba Coalition;
Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty
Peoples Video Network
Philadelphia Friends of MOVE;
Philadelphia Socialist Workers Party, Philadelphia, PA
Queens N’COBRA;
Refuse and Resist, National Office, New York City
Resistance in Brooklyn;
Reverend Herbert Daughtry;
Reverend Luis Barrios;
Ron Crenshaw, Friends of Zimbabwe, Brooklyn, NY
Support Network for Armed Forces Union (SNAFU)
Third World Coalition of the American Friends Service Committee, VA
Third World Coalition of the American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, PA;
Vieques Support Campaign;
Ward Churchill, Colorado American Indian Movement
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Philadelphia, PA
Workers to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal;
Workers World Party
Youth for Mumia, National Collective

ALL OUT TO PHILADELPHIA APRIL 24, 2004!! Mass Demonstration to free Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Join the Latin@s For Mumia Contingent!!


There will be mass demonstrations in Philadelphia and in San Francisco on April 24, 2004. Mumia will be fifty years old on that day, having spent almost half his life in prison for a crime the evidence proves he did NOT committ.

Latin@s For Mumia will be organizing a contingent. Bus will leave from New York City to Philadelphia in order to insure that the solidarity and support for Mumia by Latinas and Latinos is felt in Philly.

ProLibertad, Vieques Support Campaign, New York Committee of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico, La Iglesia San Romero De Las Americas, and the ProLibertad Youth Network are making this call to involve as many other Latin@ organizations and individuals.
Be part of this effort!

The first Meeting of Latin@s for Mumia will be held:

Wednesday March 31st, 2004 at 7pm St. Mary's Church 521 W126th St. Between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue
(take the 1 train to w125th St. and walk over one block to Amsterdam Avenue
or take the A,B,C,D to W125th St. and walk over west to Amsterdam Avenue)

FOR MORE INFORMATION (718)601-4751 (212)749-8024 (212)677-0619 or email ProLibertad@hotmail.com

Mumia is also Latino!
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!


Mobilizacion massiva para la libertad de Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Unete con el contigente Latin@s Por Mumia!

Protestas masivas se llevaran a cabo en Filadelfia y San Francisco el 24 de abril, 2004. Ese día es el Cumpleaños de Mumia. Ese día a los 50 años de edad Mumia ha estado mas de la mitad de su vida encarcelado por un crimen que la evidencia prueba NUNCA cometio.

Latin@s Para Mumia Abu Jamal estara organizando un contigente.
Autobuses van de la ciudad de Nueva York a Filadelfia para asegurar que el apoyo y la solidaridad por Mumia entre la comunidad Latina este presente en Filadelfia.

ProLibertad, La Campaña de Apoyo a Vieques, la Junta Nueva York del Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico, La Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas y La Red Juvenil de ProLibertad estamos haciendo este llamado a las organizaciones Latin@s para que se unan a la movilizacion. ¡Ser parte de este efuerzo!

PARA MAS INFORMACION (718)601-4751 (212)749-8024 (212)677-0619 email ProLibertad@hotmail.com

La Primer a reunion:

Miercoles el 31 de Marzo , 2004 a las 7pm St. Mary's Church 521 W126th St. Between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue (Tren numero 1 hasta W125th St)

¡Mumia es tambien Latino!
¡Libertad Para Mumia Abu-Jamal!


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 24. April 2004: Mumia Abu-Jamal wird 50

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