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22. Oktober 1999
International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ)






Judge William Yohn, Jr.’s law clerk, Bill, has said letters should be written tothe judge and sent to Mumia’s attorney who will submit them to the judge. (We foundout this was said on October 19). Mumia’s attorney, Leonard Weinglass has said hewill submit letters he receives. Send them to his attention at the address below. . Weknow that the FOP will send their letters, so it is critical that Mumia’s supportersact soon. The stay of execution has yet to be granted.

Address the letters to Hon. William H. Yohn, Jr. and send c/o Leonard Weinglass, 6 West20th St., Suite 10A, New York, NY 10011.


IMPORTANT Revision: Letters to Judge Yohn for MUMIA

Just received word from Pam Africa of the ICFFMAJ that the letters going outdemanding a new hearing for Mumia should NOT go directly to Judge Yohn but instead go toLeonard Weinglass who will hand them over to Judge Yohn when he goes to court. Thisrequest comes from Mumia himself. Please don’t be frustrated by this, the battle iscoming at us so fast and furious that we got to be able to deal with whatever and correcterrors wherever necessary as quickly as possible.

So if you have not sent your letter out yet, please send it

ASAP to:

Hon. William H. Yohn, Jr.
c/o Leonard Weinglass
6 West 20th Street, Suite 10A
New York, NY 10011

If you want to put the judge’s address distributed yesterday in the body of theletter, that’s fine, but please address the envelope per the above.

This is EXTREMELY important to do becuz Judge Yohn can deny a hearing anddecide the case only on the "evidence" as allowed and interpreted by Judge Sabo!Only a new hearing can get the facts on the record. Denying a stay of execution could meanthat the judge believes the appeal can be disposed of before Dec. 2.

We now have reached a new stage in the movement to Free Mumia. Hopefully, in afew weeks Mumia will be present in court in Philadelphia for a hearing on this new appeal.This should be the occasion for a mass demonstration in Philadelphia, bringing people fromall over the country.


We can be sure that the FOP is sending letters to put pressure on Yohn NOT to lift thedeath warrant. Yohn has yet to make this ruling (as of Oct. 20) even though Weinglassfiled the appeals on October 15. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOHN HEARS FROM MUMIA SUPPORTERSNOW.

While legal experts say that if the stay is granted, the appeal could take severalyears, the process could also move much faster. Much depends on Yohn’s rulings inthese crucial early days of the appeal. Yohn can deny a hearing and decide the case on thetrial records, appellate briefs and lawyers’ arguments. Denying a stay of executioncould mean that the judge believes the appeal can be disposed of before Dec. 2, the dayRidge has set for the execution.

Suggested points to raise in your letter:

1. We want the judge to grant a stay of execution on the death warrant set for Dec. 2,1999 signed by PA Governor Ridge on October 13, 1999.

2. We want Yohn to grant an evidentiary hearing to examine the substantial evidence ofMumia Abu-Jamal’s innocence, i.e., witnesses who have testified in PCRA hearings thatthey were coerced by police to change their testimony; that Mumia’s trial lawyerfailed to aggressively defend the case, did not investigate, or obtain crucial experts inpathology or ballistics; that police planted evidence and intimidated witnesses; and thatCommon Pleas Judge Albert F. Sabo displayed bias and hostility toward Abu-Jamal and shouldhave recused himself.

3. Misconduct on the part of the city prosecutor who impermissibly challenged theseating of 11 of 15 prospective African American jurors because of their race.

4. That there have been 29 purported violations of Abu-Jamal’s constitutionalrights.

5. That Abu-Jamal has maintained his innocence and has been denied the right to a fairtrial.

National Peoples Campaign - Philadelphia & International Concerned Family &Freinds of Mumia Abu_Jamal
215-724-1618 & 215-476-8812



********** ALERT ***************

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999


please help spread the word....

Mumia’s case has been assigned to Federal District Court Judge William H. Yohn.Judge Yohn has NOT yet lifted Mumia’s death warrant by granting a stay of execution!As a result the judge is FORCING people to take to the streets! Supporters in both SanFransico and Chicago have been ATTACKED by police because they WILL NOT remain silent andallow this government to commit MURDER!

As early as Tuesday, October 19, 1999, Judge Yohn’s clerk announced that BOTHsides could send letters to the judge stating their position on the case. TheInternational Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia JUST LEARNED of this announcementyesterday, October 20th. A day AFTER the announcement! That means that thissystem—as is ALREADY EVIDENT by Mumia’s continued captivity on PHASE II—canstill NOT BE TRUSTED to do what is right!

The International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal is asking that THEPEOPLE DEMAND JUSTICE! We need EVERYONE to write to Judge Yohn and demand TWO things:

1. LIFT the death warrant by granting a stay of execution.


We are asking EVERYONE to write a letter to the Judge through Mumia’s attorney,Leonard Weinglass so that we will have ALL of the letters from Mumia’s supporterswhen it is time to go into court. Remember, BOTH sides have been told to send letters.

We know that the FOP is pressuring Judge Yohn NOT to lift the death warrant. Muchdepends on Yohn’s decision. He can deny Mumia’s request for an evidentiaryhearing and decide the case based ONLY on the facts that Sabo let in—which DOES NOTinclude, among other things, the fact that the alleged "confession" was reportedOVER 60 days after the shootings and that witnesses such as Pamela Jenkins and VeronicaJones have since come forward and testified in the PCRA hearings that they were COERCED bypolice and FORCED to LIE about Mumia being the shooter! By NOT lifting the warrant and NOTgranting a stay of execution, Judge Yohn could be taking the position that Mumia’sappeal can be disposed of BEFORE December 2, 1999. That means Mumia WOULD REMAIN ON PHASEII. We MUST DEMAND that the stay be lifted AND

WE MUST DEMAND that Mumia receive this hearing! Here is someinformation to help you formulate your letter:


Although Mumia has filed his new appeal in federal court, he has yet to receive a stayof execution. Another prisoner, who just got his death warrant, filed his federal appealand got a stay the SAME day. A stay is supposed to be standard procedure. When Mumia filedhis appeal in the state courts, he was not given an automatic stay then either. Instead,Sabo let Mumia’s death warrant stand for 10 DAYS before his execution date! Sabo onlygranted the stay because of the INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONWIDE PRESSURE OF THE PEOPLE! WeMUST REMAIN VIGILANT! Remember, Mumia is still under FORCIBLE SUICIDE WATCH. That’s24 hour-a-day supervision with NO access to supporters by visit or telephone.


On Friday, October 15, 1999, Mumia’s attorneys filed a writ of habeas corpus. Inover 160 pages they cited 29 violations of Mumia’s constitutional rights. Theseviolations include:

suppression of evidence by police and prosecutors
the coercing of witnesses
the fabricated "confession" story
the suppression of documents about police surveillance of Mumia
the ineffective defense counsel in Mumia’s first "trial"
how Mumia was NOT allowed to represent himself
how Mumia was BARRED from the courtroom in his own "trial"
the state’s use of ALL of its 11 peremptory challenges to
STRIKE Black people from the jury
how the prosecutor used Mumia’s involvement in the Black
Panther Party to argue that Mumia should be executed


Mumia’s habeas corpus petition to the federal court requests a hearing in thefederal court to bring in the witnesses and evidence that were denied by Sabo in thePennsylvania courts. Getting this hearing is CRUCIAL! It will be BOTH the first AND lasttime Mumia can present this evidence in court. If Mumia is denied an evidentiary hearing,ALL future appeals will be based on the "evidence" allowed and interpreted bySabo. Only a new hearing can get the evidence of Mumia’s actual innocence on therecord!

WE NEED EVERYONE TO TAKE A STAND! Write and DEMAND both that a stay and an evidentiaryhearing be granted.

For more information, contact Pam Africa, International Concerned Family & Friendsof Mumia Abu-Jamal at 215-476-8812.

keep up the good work! stay on the move......


leslie jones youth4mumia@hotmail.com



Hon. William H. Yohn, Jr.,

I was shocked and appalled that Governor Ridge signed the death warrant for MumiaAbu-Jamal, knowing that his attorneys were filing an appeal.

New evidence points not only to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s innocence but also to police andprosecutorial misconduct during his original trial. There is substantial evidence that thepolice intimidated and coerced witnesses into giving false testimony and fabricated theexistence of a confession. Also the prosecution withheld evidence from the defense andsystematically excluded qualified African-American jurors.

I attended the Post Conviction Appeals in 1995 to see for myself whether claims made bythe supporters of Mumia abu-Jamal were valid or not. I can only characterize the behaviorof the appeals (and trial) judge, Albert Sabo, as bizarre, biased, and altogethercontemptuous of justice. Having read the transcript now, I am convinced that MumiaAbu-Jamal did not receive a fair trial. Legal scholars of all political sympathies(including conservatives) join with artists, scholars, dignitaries and common people fromthis country and around the world in demanding justice and a fair trial, so that theevidence can be examined in an open court, presided over by a fair judge, and weighed by ajury chosen according to constitutional guidelines.

All across the United States and throughout the world, attention is focused onPennsylvania, to see whether a commitment to justice survives in our state and nationtoday.

Judge Yohn, I urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that Mr. Abu-Jamalreceives a new, fair trial.

Thank you.

(Ms.) Ronnie Dadone


Dear Judge Yohn:

The case of Pennsylvania death row Habeus Corpus petitioner Mumia Abu-Jamal, assignedto your court last week after Governor Ridge signed Mr. Jamal’s death warrant, castsyou as the representative of American law and justice, in a historic controversy involvingrace, police brutality, prosecutorial misconduct, and fundamental human rights. I amhonored to add my voice to the calls of many others for a new trial, leading to Mr.Jamal’s freedom. The shocking history of this murder case, and especially the myriadindices of an appalling frame-up of the Defendant, mandate a new trial.

You will undoubtedly receive many eloquent pleas for Mr. Jamal’s fair treatment atthe hands of the State. This matter is a symbolic test of American freedom. Mr. Jamal, anAfrican American radio journalist who was sentenced to death for allegedly killing apolice officer, after a farce of a trial where he was misrepresented by incompetentcounsel forced on him by the trial judge, and then excluded from his own trial forrefusing to acquiesce in this blatant violation of his legal rights, is himself a symbol:of disfavored groups’ dissatisfaction with a biased justice system; of theirrationality of the death penalty in a case where there is not only reasonable doubt ofguilt, but substantial evidence of actual innocence; and of the commitment of anindependent judiciary to protect cherished constitutional rights, even where the accusedis hated by the police. Mr. Jamal’s African American peers were systematicallyremoved by the prosecution from the jury. There is a notorious history of manufacturedevidence of guilt by Philadelphia police in countless cases. In this case there was afabricated "confession", and offers of legal protection for prostitutes totestify for the prosecution. Several witnesses came forward before and after Mr.Jamal’s "trial" and testified they saw another man shoot Officer Faulknerand run away from the scene, while both Mr. Jamal and the officer lay shot and bleeding.Does the modern concept of "law and order" include a fair trial, and convictionbeyond doubt of guilt, before imposition of the ultimate penalty? I certainly hope so, orGod help us.

In addition to the briefs and evidence I hope you will carefully consider at a thoroughhearing of the issues raised in Mr. Jamal’s petition, and the pleas you willundoubtedly receive from many quarters, I wish to ask:

Why, as noted in Kathy Sheehan’s October 16 story in the Philadelphia Inquirer,will you be receiving "lots of mail in the coming months" about this case? Andwhy does Ms. Sheehan, in the same article regarding a rally addressed by Mr. Jamal’ssupporter Ramona Africa, place Ms. Africa’s apt phrase "the system" inquotation marks (as in "Africa railed against ‘the system’ for more than anhour")? Answering these questions says a lot about the all-important social contextof the life and death legal issues that will come before you.

In addition to the tragic facts of the killing that gave rise to this case, and thenumerous outrages in Judge Albert Sabo’s courtroom that are being put forth byproponents of this execution as justification for their blind vengeance, this case isabout the integrity of "the system" of social, economic, racial, legal,political, psychological and cultural norms that govern us all. Death row inmates. Policeofficers. Judges. Citizens. Blacks and whites. Whether it is a question of electoralpolitics, career options, or putting a man to death, we share fundamental interests in thefairness of the norms, rules and procedures used to reach the decisions that shape ourlives and our world. Many people - becoming aware of the facts of Mr. Jamal’s case -understand that "the system’s" rules and procedures are being appliedunfairly; that this would be a political execution after a political trial; that thepolice authorities of Philadelphia, as an absolute minimum, should have to confront Mr.Jamal "fair and square", with counsel of his choice and access to the lawrequiring a fair jury trial, before they kill him.

The eyes of people all over the world are on your court. The fairness and thoroughnessof the hearing you provide on Mr. Jamal’s petition will determine not just if helives or dies, not just if he gets a fair trial after almost 18 years; you will determineif we should still place our faith in the type of justice "the system" providesin this new, interconnected, 21st century world. You represent the power ofdemocracy to stay the killing hand of a biased State. You hold the constitutional powerand authority to require the State of Pennsylvania to cease its frame-up and deal fairlywith Mr. Jamal, after all these years. You are, by the ancient rituals of the Great Writ,the last real hope of averting a horrible and permanent miscarriage of justice.That’s why you’ll be getting lots of mail about this case.

If "the system" can put Mumia Abu-Jamal to death on the basis of thistransparent frame-up of a "trial", the conclusions to be drawn will be trulyterrible: harsh denunciations of persistent, institutionalized racism in the Americanlegal system; the acts of Philadelphia’s police governed not by legal restraints, butby implacable hatred of their critics; the solemn institutions of the law put to theservice of a legal lynching. Only your action in providing a thorough, fair hearing willprotect Mr. Jamal’s rights and earn the respect of citizens justifiably alarmed bythe history of his case in the Pennsylvania courts. And when you see and hear the evidenceof the systematic vendetta pursued by the Fraternal Order of Police through thePennsylvania courts, I hope and believe your judgment will stand as a historic monument inthe never-ending struggle for human decency. Mumia Abu-Jamal deserves a new trial. Youhave the power, and if convinced by the evidence the duty, to grant his fundamental humanrights. I pray that Mr. Jamal’s supporters have the courage and energy to make theheavens ring for his freedom.

In justice,


Thomas W. Stephens
(address cut out for privacy)

To Contact Pam Africa/ICFFMAJ call 215-476-8812 or fax
215-476-7551; e-mail icffmaj@aol.com.
More info to come later ....

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