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  Leonard Peltier zur Unterzeichnung des Hinrichtungsbefehls von Mumia
vom 22. Oktober 1999
aus dem Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary
  Greetings friends and supporters,

I was shocked and disgusted to hear that Governor Ridge once again signed,
last october 13, a new death warrant for Mumia Abu Jamal. I know how Mumia
must be feeling right now and I would like to personally say to Mumia:
"Please hang in there, brother! The people are doing everything and all that
they can to save you".

To the people who are fighting for Mumia, as some of you may know, this does
not mean the end, because I am sure his attorney, Leonard Weinglass has
filed for Habeas Corpus in the Federal Courts. It is you, the people who
must put the pressure on to win this case. Speak out! Whithout your
support, the Federal Courts will sweep everything under the rug as usual.
With Mumia's life at stake, you must react very strongly and swiftly yet
with intelligence and control. You must show the world that you are
prepared and ready to stop Mumia∆s execution.

Because of Mumia's outrageous case and his gifted ability to put into words
many of our realities, serious concerns with the justice system, the death
penalty, and political prisoners are now on the forefront. We need Mumia to
be free so that he can continue to make a difference to change a society,
which devalues life, dignity, justice and freedom.

United, we will save Mumia...
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier
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