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  Meeting in London on December 2nd 1999

Over 50 people attended a public meeting on the evening of Thursday 2 December at the University College of London to hear updates on Mumia's case and discuss ideas for activities in the coming year.

Alan spoke for the organising committee, Mumia Must Live, with the other speakers being Lowezi for the National People’s Democratic Movement, Imeh for the African People’s Liberation Organisation and John for the Asian Dub Foundation. Also represented at the meeting were the Anarchist Federation, the African Liberation Support Campaign, Reclaim the Streets, the International Bolshevik Tendency, Workers Power, the Alliance for Workers Liberty, the Morning Star, the Socialist Workers Party and the New Worker.

The meeting endorsed the proposal to have a vigil at the US Embassy on Saturday 11 December in memory of the 18th anniversary of the arrest of Mumia - over 30 people were to brave the rain and cold outside the US Embassy on the 11th. Many other useful ideas were raised at the public meeting for activities in the new year and the campaign in Britain looks well placed to move onto a higher level of activity as we move into the critical events of next year.

Mumia Must Live

Mumia Must Live
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